Install Kodi (XBMC) to iOS (No Jailbreak)


Learn how to install Kodi (XBMC) to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) without jailbreak. Kodi is not available in the App Store, so you will need to sideload the app directly to your device. This guide will provide very simple step by step instructions so anyone install Kodi to their Apple device without jailbreaking their device.


Before we begin, this tutorial requires a computer running Mac OS X. Otherwise, you can follow our other tutorial here.

How-to Install Kodi (XBMC) to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod without Jailbreak

Kodi Installed

1. Connect iOS device to computer

2. Download and install Xcode from the App Store on your computer

3. Open Xcode and select ‘Create a new Xcode project’

4. Select iOS > Application > Single View Application and hit ‘Next’

Create iOS Single View Application

5. Enter “Kodi” for Product Name and enter “com.FullName” (ex. com.JohnDoe) for Organization Identifier and hit “Next” (the Organization Identifier has to be unique which is why we suggest entering your full name)

Enter Project Details

6.. Create Git Repository anywhere on your computer

7. Make sure your device is selected.

Select iOS Device

8. You may see a “No matching provisioning profiles found”, hit “Fix Issue” and sign into your Apple  ID account or select your Apple ID under “Team”

9. Download the latest Kodi .deb file here.

Kodi deb Download

10. Download App Signer here.

App Signer Download

10. Unzip App Signer, right-click iOS App Signer, and hit open

Open App Signer

11. Select the Kodi .deb file as the “Input File”, select your profile for the “Signing Certificate” and “Provisioning Profile”, and hit “Start”

Configure App Signer

12. Save the .ipa file to your computer

13. In Xcode, go to Window > Devices

Go to Devices

14. Select your iOS device and hit the plus (+) button

Select Device and Hit Plus Icon

15. Select the .ipa file created in step 12 and Kodi will begin installing to your iOS device

Kodi is Installing

Kodi is now installed!

Kodi is Installed

If you are getting an “Untrusted Developer” message when opening Kodi:

Untrusted Developer

Go to Settings > General > Device Management > Developer > Trust Developer

Trust Developer